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"You're never alone when you're reading a book." – Susan Wiggs


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The Edge of Brilliance Promo + Guest Post + Giveaway

**Reader Advisory: This book contains strong language and also includes scenes involving drug use, rape, violence. This book also includes a frank exploration of mental illness and loss of autonomy. The Edge of Brilliance by Susan Traugh Genre: YA Contemporary Realistic... Continue Reading →

Simon Hardman Lea’s How to Be…

Meet Simon Hardman Lea. I’m Simon Hardman Lea and describe myself on my author pages as a cynical romantic who tries to write novels. (My day job is as a hospital based doctor). The background to my books is France... Continue Reading →

Stephen Lomer’s Guest Post: The Influences of Everyday Life When Writing Fiction

Meet Stephen Lomer. Stephen Lomer has been writing books, novellas, short stories, and scripts for nearly a decade, and one or two of them are actually pretty good. A grammar nerd, Star Trek fan, and other things that chicks dig,... Continue Reading →

Day 10: YA/Middle Grade; Shelley Pickens

Meet Shelley Pickens. Shelley Pickens has always enjoyed languages and writing. At the University of South Carolina, her career path took a turn when a professor proclaimed her writing as inadequate and disorganized. After those words, Shelley decided to teach... Continue Reading →

Day 10: YA/Middle Grade; Stephen C. Perkins

Meet Stephen C. Perkins. In the creation of literary fiction is to be found an inherent irony; the truth! Stephen Perkins is not only a novelist, but musician, singer, song writer, and intrepid adventurer, believing the only limits to the... Continue Reading →

Day 10: YA/Middle Grade; Carrie Cross

Meet Carrie Cross. *Partial bio taken from Carrie's Amazon author page. Carrie Cross is an avid reader who fell in love with books as a little girl after reading Goodnight Moon. She wrote her first “book” at age four: Blackie... Continue Reading →

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